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(p.4) Woman in White
(p.7) Stanley Spencer
(p.31) Augustus John
(p.41) Cranach 's Eve
(p.140) Gainsborough
(p.166) Mrs Dalloway
(p.188) Lucio Fontana
Gwen John

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After Anjelica (detail)      

"Welcome, ladies and gentlemen," he said briskly. "We are starting with a Lucio Fontana."
            'The porter lifted up an unpainted canvas split by a single slash. Inside the curled edges of the cut the lightless space read as a darker brown.' (p. 188)


Lucio Fontana, Spatial Concept 'Waiting' / Concetto spaziale 'Attesa' (1960)

 Lucio Fontana picture
Fondazione Lucio Fontana. Image © Tate, London 2009